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When you have quality window film in your vehicle, you get to see and enjoy the benefits provided by an industry-leading film.

Enhance Appearance
Premium window films add a touch of class to every vehicle.

Top-end window films reject the heat of the sun baking into your vehicle, giving you increased comfort with less air conditioning.

Better Visibility and Reflection of Light
A little known fact, quality window films offer better visibility by eliminating glare and reflection.

Reduces Discoloration
By rejecting almost all damaging ultraviolet (UV), our window films can help protect the leather or fabric inside your car from discoloration and deterioration.

Unchanging Color
Extremely important and a key reason to go with a quality window film is that they offer high colour stability so you don’t have to worry, it won’t fade to purple.

Available in Visible Light Transmission (VLT) from 3% to 50%, we offer window films that can make the interior of your vehicle a much more private place.


By putting quality window films in your home, office, or store, you’re likely benefitting in more ways than you thought. 

Energy Saved
High-end window films help reduce transmission of heat through the glass. Depending on the selected film, you can get a total of 78% of solar energy rejection. The less solar energy is entering your home or office, the more savings you’ll see on your electricity bill.

Increased Comfort
With less heat from the sun coming through the glass, there is less solar heat and fewer hot spots, allowing the occupants to enjoy a much more comfortable environment.

Reduces Discoloration
Our window films reduce the fading of furniture and decorative accessories by blocking up to 99% of harmful UV rays and up to 78% of the total solar energy. The exact degree of reduction of discoloration depends on your specific type of film, as well as the environment.

Reduce The Brightness Of Reflections
Reducing the brightness of reflections helps increase the comfort of your interior environment. Screens and reflective surfaces are no longer hazardous. 

Resists Rips or Scratches
All Global Window Films are made with a strong scratch-resistant coating as a standard feature. This is to reduce the risk of damage from scratches in more exposed areas.

Improves Safety
Although normal solar films are not considered “Security & Defense”,certain window films we offer can make the glass more resistant to breakage due to the film retaining splinters or fragments of broken glass. This can come in handy in the case of an accident or storm.

Increases Privacy
Depending on the film you select, privacy could be increased. Divide private spaces while still allowing light in, and keeping prying eyes out.

prestige films canada
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